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La folie Almayer (Chantal Akerman, 2011)

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Fifteen Sounds of the War on the Poor, vol.1

Ultra-red asks fifteen artists and activists to come up with a one-minute audio recording in response to the question: What is the sound of the war on the poor?

The results range from field recordings, re-appropriated sounds, mini-symphonies and spoken rants. Volume 1 features contributions by Alejandra and Aeron, Knut Åsdam, Checkpoint 303, Christopher DeLaurenti, Michelle Dizon, Ashley Hunt, Jack Tactic, Anton Nikkilä, Isabelle Noël, Elliot Perkins, PSBEUYS, Jennifer Rarick, Rural Racism Project, Terre Thaemlitz, Ultra-red.

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Je, tu, il, elle (Chantal Akerman, 1974)

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